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How can I activate Let's Encrypt for my domain?

Please note that a chargeable hosting product is required if you want to use Let's Encrypt.

If you want to enable SSL or HTTPS for one or more subdomains, click [My Hosting] in the navigation bar in the easyname control panel, and then click [Subdomains].
On this page all your subdomains are listed. To the left of each subdomain or domain, you will find a blue drop-down menu labelled "HTTP://". If you click on it, the menu opens with the following options:

"Activate HTTPS": If you flip this switch and enable HTTPS, a Let's Encrypt certificate is issued and the subdomain is configured to use it. This will make your website reachable via https://.

"Redirect HTTP to HTTPS?": Should you enable this option, calling up the subdomain or your web page with http:// will always redirect to https://.
After clicking on the "SAVE" button, your changes will take effect within a few minutes.