Before you initialize a transfer please check the following points:

1) Ask your current domain provider for a valid authcode / transfer code. This is absolutely necessary for an orderly transfer

2) Check if the status of the domain allows a transfer. You can check that by making a whois query on your domain. If there is a line that says "clientTransferProhibited" the transfer is blocked. You can ask your current domain provider to quit the barrier.

3) the e-mail address of the domain owner needs to be active. You can check this also by making a whois query on your domain. If the e-mail address is not active please change it at your current domain provider before you initialize the transfer.

If you initiate the transfer you will get asked for the authcode / transfer code. Please enter it at the provided input-field. If the authcode was correct, you need to confirm the e-mail that was sent to the domain owner or adminC of the domain. Now it can take up to 5 working days (depending on the top level domain) to complete the transfer.

Further Informations:

⇒ top level domain like .com, .net, .org, .cc, .biz, .info can not be transferred in the first 60 days after a registration.

⇒ if the e-mail address for the confirmation is not active after you initialized the transfer please contact the easyname Support