What is a „catch all“ e-mail address and how can I create one ?

A catch all e-mail address has the function to catch all e-mails which are sent to a specific domain, regardless of the e-mail name. For example: If you have a catch all e-mail address for the domain example.com, you will receive mails which where sent to sg378qosjd839@example.com or emailaddress-does-not-exist@example.com, too.

To make a catch-all-address for your domain, just create the e-mail address *@yourdomain.at.

To set up a catch all e-mail address log into the easyname controlpanel an click [Web Hosting] → [Email addresses] → [Add new Email address]. Now put into the "Email address:" field an asterisk * and choose in the right side the desired domain from the drop down menue. Then choose "Deliver to Box", if no box was created yet, please do that before. Finally click on "Add" to save your changes.

A catch all e-mail address must always be delivered to a e-mail box, it cannot only be a redirection to another e-mail address.

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