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Useful information about .com domains

Trends & General Information

A .com domain registration was originally reserved for American companies. But now, it's possible for individuals and companies worldwide to buy and register a .com domain. The extension .com stands for the English word "commercial", the TLD is the most used top-level-domain with more than 100 million registered domains in the whole world. Registry for .com domain is the VeriSign Inc., based in Mountain View, California.

The .com domain is a so-called generic top-level-domain (gTLD), which means a "descriptive domain", cause the field of services and products is recognizable in the domain extension. Especially corporations take advantage: They buy and register .com domains, which represents their company in the World Wide Web.

General Information

Domain transfer .com domain transfer is possible
Transfer auth-code An auth-code is required for the transfer of a .com domain
Domain security You can set a transfer lock for your .com domain
Change of ownership Change of ownership is possible for .com domains
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Your .com domain can contain special characters
Numeric domains A .com domain may only contain numbers
Registry Verisign (Website)


New registration 1 year up to max. 10 years
Renewal 1 year up to max. 9 years
Duration of registration It takes a few seconds to register the .com domain.
Notice period The notice period for termination is 4 days before the domain expires.

Special provisions

Domain length A .com domain may be between 2 - 63 characters long. Hyphens may be used, but not at the beginning or at the end of the domain, and not 2 consecutive (for example, aa

additional Information


Both individuals and companies are allowed to buy and register their personal .com domain. Top-level-domain .com is the best choice for global websites; the domain extension receives worldwide higher search engine ranking and equality with the local TLDs.

We register your desired domain in real-time - you don't have to wait so long until you get your access data. Please check your domain to following requirements: Between 2 und 63 chars are available -special characters and pure numeric domains are permitted. Mostly American companies buy and register their .com domain - this is conditioned on the one hand by some historical reasons but also due to the many international corporations that work in the United States.

Now, many individuals decide to buy and register an own .com domain for private projects like blogs or homepages. The advantages are obvious: Search engines really like .com domains and rate them equivalent to Internet country code top-level-domains.

Originally commercial .com domain has a few directly related top-level-domains, here a some of them: Related domains are the .org domain that is used by organisations, the .biz domain, whose top-level-domain derives from the English word "business" and last but not least United States country-specific domain suffix .us.


The "commercial" domain is worldwide one of the most popular top-level-domains. More than 100 million registered Internet addresses were counted in March 2012. Thus there are almost seven times more .com domains than .de domains. Most of the domains are reserved for international companies, but now it's also possible for private persons to buy and register a personal .com domain.

You've got questions, suggestions or problems with your domain? Please feel free to contact our customer service - we will answer your request as soon as possible.

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*) Note: The action is limited in time and ends on Feb 14, 2025. Valid for New registrations (only in the 1st year).

**) Note: The action is limited in time and ends on Feb 14, 2025. Valid for Transfers (only in the 1st year).

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